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DNN-Connect.org Language pack management

juli 2018 (1337) | | Algemeen bij XCESS, Webapplicaties

Een handige video over DNN Language Pack Management, hoe kun je een taalpakket uploaden, downloaden en bewerken (Engels).

DNN Connect 2018 is the event for the DNN Community Europe. XCESS was one of the main sponsors. Also our collegues Jan Beumer - DNN Consultant en Ernst Peter Tamminga - DNN MVP had a session on DNN language packs.

Finding, editing and adding module language packs

The DNN-Connect.org website contains a large number of language packs in a whole assortment of languages, modules and module versions. A session on where to find and how to edit and adding the module language packs.

Outline of the session 

  • Where can you find a particular language for a specific module and a particular version?
  • How can you enhance existing packs and make those available to all?
  • How can you add new modules and/or languages to the available set of packs?
  • How does the Language Pack module, that is used on the site, help you to create translations quickly en easily

Watch the video

Questions about Language pack management on DNN-Connect.org

Do yo want to know more about DNN Language Packs or make a contribution at the DNN Open Source Platform? Please send an email through the button or call us +31 - 33 - 433 51 51.


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